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Auction at oogle 07/30/2005
Get smart with virtual reality 'brain helmet' oogle 07/29/2005
LAPD Recruits Computer to Stop Rogue Cops oogle 07/24/2005
The Bread of Life Foundation oogle 07/25/2005
Road to Success oogle 07/21/2005
Principles of the "New Economy" oogle 07/21/2005
A Prisoner in my own Home oogle 07/23/2005
Designs of 1st Generation 3D Search Engine oogle 07/19/2005
Partners required oogle 07/25/2005
Petition to allow the Diesel Family Car oogle 07/15/2005
Construction industry bracing for cash flow problems from May 2006??? oogle 07/15/2005
Foundations Of the New Economy oogle 07/15/2005
Time's up! Take control of someone's else life! oogle 07/12/2005
Moving away Sale! oogle 07/16/2005
My Vision for Singapore oogle 07/11/2005
Real Estate - An entire New Branding Lifestyle oogle 07/11/2005
A Letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo oogle 07/11/2005
Knowledge Tools - Cmaps oogle 07/09/2005
A New form of Diesel oogle 07/08/2005
China and EU - The promotion of Free Trade oogle 07/08/2005
The Lucom Plan oogle 07/07/2005
Forcing your competition to collaborate oogle 07/05/2005
I am the Eye in the Sky oogle 07/04/2005
Increasing security in HDB Estates oogle 07/03/2005
Finding Gold at the end of the Rainbow oogle 07/03/2005
Flooding in China oogle 07/02/2005
Beating the Deep Blue oogle 07/01/2005
The wisdom of God oogle 06/30/2005
Claiming Victory oogle 06/29/2005
My Fifth Vision oogle 06/27/2005
Take the Log out of your eyes oogle 06/26/2005
Recreating Einstein and it's not thru DNA oogle 06/26/2005
Revelations oogle 06/25/2005
The Discovery of Alternative Energy oogle 06/24/2005
My Fourth Vision oogle 06/23/2005
My Third Vision oogle 06/23/2005
My Second Vision oogle 06/23/2005
My First Vision oogle 06/23/2005
Devastation Of the Tsunami oogle 06/22/2005
Collapse of a Pulsar in the Milky Way oogle 06/21/2005
I Believe oogle 06/22/2005
Revival of the Barter Trade oogle 06/20/2005
Maps of the Year of Six Main End-time Events (Parallels in the 400's) oogle 06/20/2005
The Ultimate Test oogle 06/19/2005
The Heavenly Signs oogle 06/19/2005
Links between the Earth's Magnetic Field and its effects on its inhabitants oogle 06/21/2005
The Living Bread oogle 06/19/2005
Walking down Memories Lane oogle 06/17/2005
Towards a higher ground oogle 06/17/2005
Making Dreams come true oogle 06/13/2005
The Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons & The Free Economy oogle 06/02/2005
State of Art trainning for Atheletics oogle 05/29/2005
Quotes and Answers oogle 05/31/2005
The Travel Portal oogle 05/27/2005
Putting the Cart before the Horse oogle 05/26/2005
Having a Hawk's Eye view of everything when you plan oogle 05/26/2005
The creation of The Free Market Exchange oogle 05/25/2005
Credit Derivatives and Synthetic Securitisation - By Vinod Kothari oogle 05/25/2005
Polio in Indonesia oogle 05/24/2005
Aryan & Untermenschen oogle 05/24/2005
Aldous Huxley's Brave New World oogle 05/24/2005
I will be on Vacation oogle 05/31/2005
Towards Unconventional Warfare oogle 05/23/2005
World galloping towards nuclear war oogle 05/23/2005
The Cuckoo's Egg oogle 05/22/2005
Coalmining at the cost of Human Lives oogle 05/22/2005
Avian influenza (Bird Flu) oogle 05/22/2005
The Missing Link in Diabetes oogle 06/10/2005
Spread Spectrum and UWB oogle 05/21/2005
Knowledge Training oogle 05/20/2005
The Evolution of AI - Prologic oogle 05/20/2005
The merging of 3D/Video/Games/Interactive TV Technology. oogle 05/20/2005
I am the Catalyst oogle 05/20/2005
Developing the Next Generation Software without Sourcecodes oogle 05/20/2005
Open vs Proprietory oogle 05/20/2005
Using The PC on different platforms oogle 05/20/2005
The Freeing of Intellectual Property oogle 05/20/2005
Rail and Roads from Singapore to China oogle 05/19/2005
Creating the Perfect Economy oogle 05/17/2005
Malaysia must complete their Rail project oogle 05/17/2005
Solving the problem of poverty in China oogle 05/17/2005
To resolve Poverty, invest in your child's education. oogle 05/17/2005
How to get out of Debt oogle 05/17/2005
Projects that can be developed. oogle 05/17/2005
Article ; Genetically Modified Food and its relations with DNA oogle 05/17/2005
Predictive Analysis oogle 05/17/2005
Silent Warrior oogle 05/17/2005
My Medical Condition oogle 05/15/2005
My Links oogle 05/31/2005
The Third Eye oogle 05/14/2005
The Final Chapter oogle 05/12/2005
The Perfect Matrix oogle 05/11/2005
Solving the last piece of The Puzzle oogle 05/10/2005
A New Economy oogle 05/10/2005
A Complex Maze of Information oogle 05/09/2005
Alpha and Omega - The Bible Code oogle 05/08/2005
Mindgames and Virtual World oogle 05/07/2005
A Series of Experiments oogle 05/07/2005
"Knowledge" Thesis oogle 05/07/2005
Knowledge - Logical Reasoning oogle 05/06/2005

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