Solving the last piece of The Puzzle 

Solving the last piece of The Puzzle

I have manage to,
Solve the last piece of The Puzzle.
I know the Secrets of the World,
And respect their decisions,
If the Truth is not to be,
It will forever be buried,
In the corners of my mind,
No need for extremes,
The collaboration of the world,
If it is not meant to be,
It will not be meant to be,
We are but just passing,
On the same journey of life,
No need to create unpleasant memories,
What am I against the world,
I am here to create pleasant memories,
Not to be forgotten and left behind,
The journey of life is filled with ups and downs,
No man an island, to fit into the citizens of the world,
What I most cherish and want to leave behind,
Not to be forgotten and die in loneliness.

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