Predictive Analysis 

Predictive Analysis

In a logical progression,
Let's say since the birth of a child,
Since he was born till he finish kindergarden,
From Primary 1 to Secondary 4,
He has an option to chose,
To go to High School or a Polytechnic,
If he goes to High School and completes,
He will graduate and go to the university,
And become a doctor,
If he decides to go to the Polytechnic,
He will graduate to be an Engineer,
In this logical relationship,
It is possible to predict the future,
By analysing the logical relationship,
It's branches and its roots,
Developing a logical progression,
The different paths to take,
The decisions you make today,
Decides what you become tomorrow.
Therefore be very careful the path you take,
Analyse before you make a decision,
Cause it will decide your future.

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