Having a Hawk's Eye view of everything when you plan 

Having a Hawk's Eye view of everything when you plan

If you are an Architect,
Do you only design for your buildings,
The roads and the infrastructure?
Do you study the lifestyle,
The movement and the needs of its occupants?
Do you possess the knowledge,
Of filling up that 500 units shopping centre,
With the right trade and mix?
Success or failure,
Depends on how far you can visualise,
Stimulate and drive,
The new economy,
With precise understanding of micro and macro economics,
The Lifestyle of its inhabitants,
And creating a solution,
With all the necessary support infrastructure,
Even driving customers to spend,
At your new shopping centre.
So if I decide to plan,
I already know,
How many coffeeshops to have,
How many clinics,
How many wet markets/supermarkets,
How many shopping centres.
Anything and everything.
Even the right size for the business.

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