The Cuckoo's Egg 

The Cuckoo's Egg

NFS Watch. Netlog. Asax. Tripwire. SATAN. TIS Toolkit. GateD. Sniffing. Spoofing. CRON
Phlishing. Browser Hijack. Tracking. Malware. Cookies. Spider/Bot. Spamming.
Memory Leak. Brude Force. DDOS attack. CPU overheating. Remote shutdown.
Remote administration. Blue Screen attack. Key Logger. CGI Bin. Tunnelling.
Listening/monitoring. Reassembly of emails. Reassembly of TCPIP packets.
Protecting all your Ports letting only the desired packets thru.
Isolating all security for your server on Internet.
Checking for Malware.
Being Anonymous on the Internet.
Using Spider/Bot to acquire knowledge.
Assessing the PC via powerlines.
Overloading the Power Supply.
Encryption via powerlines.
Downloading Spyware( Hidden/Disguised).
Embedding codes into Pictures and Sound.
Tracking by Downloading files (pics & sound).
Using Server Monitoring S/w for Tracking users ( U will know where they are from).
Picking up information from the Browser.
DNS Tools - Finding all info about the server.
Server Logs - Identifying problems b4 they occur(maintainance).
Remote backup/recovery via Ghost.
All about XP Secrets (Everything).
All about protocols.
Using the Firewall to test unknown protocols.
Finding all hidden codes on a webpage and the tools utilised.
Accessing info from a mobile phone (java/bluetooth/infra enabled)
Scheduling and automation for Desktop/Server (An Insider's view)

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