I am the Catalyst 

I am the Catalyst

I am the Catalyst,
Not a destroyer or a raider,
Not a toppler of governments,
Nor a seller of secrets,
Neither a hacker or code breaker,
But I have developed the tools,
That will help you find your own future,
Of your technologies and products/services,
The solutions of the world,
Whatever information you provide,
I will find you the answers,
And the answers will be as accurate as,
The information you provide,
If your information is flawed so will the answers be,
I have no choice,
In order to reach my goals,
I have to step and cross,
Some unhappy people,
But there is nothing to fear,
I do not steal or take,
Things that do not belong to me,
If I have borrowed I will return with premiums,
The results of my studies,
There is a pie big enough for everyone,
To compete and share,
And develop the next generation of technologies,
To reap what you sow.

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