"Knowledge" Thesis 

"Knowledge" Thesis

Nothing is perfect, but if you are able to derive results from it, with fairly accuracy, it is worth every effort you put in. Action speaks louder than words, and in this Internet age your words will be put to the test, only those that has burned with fire will come out shining as gold. I am not a mathematician, neither a professor, so there is a limit to what I can produce, but given this input, I am sure there are many others out there, who higher or above me, who can use this knowledge for the better of mankind. I welcome anyone out there who can help me complete this thesis, knowing full well I am unable to do so. I have spent more than a decade of my time on this, and like the example of the person who gave us the internet, i will not copywright but provide for free. Use this knowlege freely at your own risk.

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