Spread Spectrum and UWB 

Spread Spectrum and UWB

Mankind has not discovered,
The relationship between Spread Spectrum,
And its effects on the Human Sensory perceptions,
It creates a noise like environment,
Which the Human perceives,
As noises of the Mind,
And prolong exposure,
Can drive a person insane,
This environment can occur naturally,
Or be artifically induced.
And it cannot be jammed,
Making it ideal,
For Mind Control,
Cause the whispering thoughts,
Will brainwash you,
You cannot identify,
What is real or not.
It is therefore better to delay the deployment of,
And spent more time in research,
Cause now it only affects a small group of people,
You will never know if a large group can be affected,
An ideal weapon of war.
Control this technology,
Or mankind may be unaware killing,
Their very own existence.

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