Claiming Victory 

Claiming Victory

Nobody can imagine,
One of the Biggest battles,
Since the birth of my daughter,
Everyone in my family is attacked,
Everyone around me is also attacked,
Deceived, and devasted,
Even I was subjected,
To all powers and principalities,
The attack on my mind.
Every single moment,
More than four years have passed,
After every battle I am even more determined,
To sent him reeling,
To back to where HE has come from,
HE is even as determined,
Sending an entire army after me,
Never can HE imagine,
I have developed tools to counter,
Every single assault,
Even solving the secrets,
Of the universe,
Planning every single move,
With military precision.
I am now claiming victory,
Even time and tide I will change,
The secrets of the Bible,
Over Hep B and diabetes,
God has chosen the weakest,
To overcome the strong,
And by losing he is effectively,
Winning a victory so decisive,
Faith as great as a Mustard Tree,
HE can no longer deceive or hide,
I will reveal his intentions.
I will expose HIM to the world.
HE is now of the Flesh,
But when HE is of the spirit,
All powers heaven and earth,
Will be given to HIM,
Destroy nuclear weapons,
Before HE uses it to destroy the world.
The christain religion is one not of comfort,
It's the savings of souls,
The carrying of your cross of salvation,
The submission of every corner of your soul,
Faith as great as a Mustard Tree,
The harvesting of your Faith,
For without works, your Faith is as good as,
The seeds on a barren ground,
It's about running a good race,
And finally sweet victory,
Upon the arrival of the bride.

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