Petition to allow the Diesel Family Car 

Petition to allow the Diesel Family Car

No economy can withstand,
The high price of paying for petrol cars,
Oil is a volatile comodity,
Even OPEC can't produce enough,
The cause of spiralling oil price,
In Singapore you will see an exception,
Where the price of Diesel has risen,
More than 44%,
Almost the price of 92 Octane petrol,
The monopoly of cartels,
When you produce energy,
Diesel is a by product of the lowest grade,
It is either use to power the ship,
Or in factory's diesel engine,
But the only way to get out from being enslaved,
Is to embrace the mighty Diesel engine,
Third world countries especially,
The move from petrol to diesel,
May fund your entire reform budget,
The fact is nobody will tell you this illusion,
Because this will only fatten the cow,
But make slaves to the other animals.
The same COE structure will still remain,
And when you buy a Diesel Family car,
It will have a similar plate as a normal petrol car,
The only savings is in Diesel,
And help turn the reliance on sky high petrol prices.
The widespread use of Bio-Diesel,
Palm and soya bean oil additives,
Will put pressure on the Fossil-Diesel,
Driving pump prices down,
Even if the cost of maintainance of the Diesel engine,
Is higher than petrol,
It makes economic sense because the savings is huge,
At the end of the lifespan just scrap and buy a new one.

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