I am the Eye in the Sky 

I am the Eye in the Sky

With today's satellite imagery,
I can have a bird's eye view,
Of every city,
Every movement of every traffic,
And I know the intimate details,
Every rail, bus or car can hold,
I do not need,
Very exact details,
Just an estimate,
To get my job done.
Now imagine,
If I merge this information,
With every business estate,
And I combine this,
With every residential estate,
I will know the heartbeat,
Of any city I want to study.
If I have furthur info,
Of every sector of business,
The volume of business generated,
The income of every residential household,
And their pattern of expenditure,
I would have enough info,
To built a view of a model,
Where I can change any factors,
To create my ideal model,
To maximise the potential of income.
And if I get the info,
Of any sector of a business process,
I will know how to tabulate,
And fill in to the greater picture,
And thru a series of fact finding,
I will generate an insight no one has ever seen,
Creating my business intelligence,
Into any sector I chose.

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