Increasing security in HDB Estates 

Increasing security in HDB Estates

Most of us live,
In HDB Estates,
And the most important security,
Lies in securing our homes.
The vital points are the ground floor access,
Of staircases and lifts,
It is therefore possible,
To secure these vital points,
By using metal grill gates to secure staircases,
And credit cards access,
To solve the lift problem,
Install a phone and card access,
Where a visitor can call the home,
To request for access,
And the occupier can key codes,
Via the phone of the keypad,
To activate the lift.
Modifications and trial tests,
Will be short with low costs,
A block only consist,
Of about 3 lifts and 3 staircases,
It will be cheaper than,
A burgler alarm system or monitoring cameras,
Or security guards.
Far more effective,
In combating crime.
Bringing peace of mind,
To all residents.

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