Take the Log out of your eyes 

Take the Log out of your eyes

When I first started out on my works,
I had my best friend for more than two decades,
Abandon my ecommerce website project,
Even though I had paid him cash,
More than 80% of the payment due.
When I needed financing,
I had a consultant who came,
Expected payment when not even a single,
Piece of work was done.
All they wanted was to steal ideas,
But little did they realised,
I had read the intent of their hearts.
When I needed a partner,
Many came with their high credentials,
High promises and their lies,
When they think they have known enough,
They will never be heard again.
Now let me tell you a secret,
All will be but naught,
Not a single one will succeed,
And they will fail dearly,
I had purposely omitted,
All my secret ingredients,
Without me, nothing will work.
All my business associates,
Suddenly decides to switch,
And I began wondering,
Why is it so?
Suddenly God shows me that,
Everyone is very paraniod,
Knowledge is the subject of the Angel of Light,
But did they probed deeper?
How little do they know,
The Word of God.
I know every secret,
Behind every mastermind,
In every high place.
Who can complete,
What I had started?
Sitting on the fence while
The Giants fight?
No, you have taken sides, with the wrong side.
The wolf will devour the sheperd,
And will bluff all the sheeps.
When I start destroying my works,
Nobody will suceed,
And nobody will be the wiser.

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Comment Just wondering... Is this a poem by any chance? Were you intending for it to be one? It's strange. But well, strange is good, I guess. So, good.

Sun Jun 26, 2005 12:10 pm MST by YoursTruly... Conman

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