The Forgotten 

The Forgotten

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An Insight to my Digital Diary. Beyond Guesswork and Speculation. Dynamic Modelling of Knowledge. Computer Aided Decision Making. Analysis and Planning. Risk modelling and Statistical Forecasting.

“Give me a black box, and I will hit it with inputs, and study the outputs, after enough information is gathered (Factor X), I will tell you its contents.” – Oogle

I am a schzophrenic,
And I am able to see,
Three Dimensional views of everything,
And my mind is expanded,
One Thousand Times,
That is the reason,
I am able to process,
Information even faster than a computer,
The relationship between objects,
The progression of logic,
Theories and concepts,
Even the sequence of space and time,
Like photographic memory,
All information is process,
Stored for future recovery,
And accessed in doublequick time,
I do not know the reason,
Of my discovery,
Only that the gifts enable,
Me to solve problems,
And provide you an insight view no one has seen,
In an accelerated time.
So you have a problem you cannot solve,
Drop me a mail at,
Or call 65-94207473

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