A New form of Diesel 

A New form of Diesel

The use of fossil Diesel,
Will decrease when,
Mankind find the ways,
To combine 50% of fossil Diesel,
With 50% of Bio-Diesel,
Creating a green product,
With low emission by products,
The creation of the new Diesel engine,
Which is even more efficient,
Replacing the demands of,
A petrol driven engine.
Only sport cars and luxury cars will be driven by petrol,
And its price will be exhorbitantly high,
Cause a hefty tax will be slapped,
And petrol will only serve as producing energy,
Because of world record high prices and limited supply,
Bringing relief to an oversatuated demand,
Of a limited energy market.
The problems of an economy,
Dependant on the petrol engine,
Creating an artificial demand,
Limiting the world's supply,
Which may run out,
In about a few lifetimes.
Let me tell you a secret,
Governments cannot afford to provide,
Petrol subsidies any more,
The switch to the use of diesel,
Fuel by the drop in cost of producing,
Could finance your entire military budget,
To use to shore up your economy.
I had studied the diesel engine,
With the use of turbo,
You now have an almost completed product,
Only with slight modifications,
To increase it's efficiency,
To use the new found diesel.

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