A New Economy 

A New Economy

I am still at my journey,
That is coming close to completion,
But completion is such an impossible task,
And I am on the verge of giving up,
To leave it to others,
Of finding the solutions,
The solutions of this world,
Of finding the unknown,
The answers of this world.
You know my limitations,
And even with the gain of my knowledge,
It will take, an entire lifetime,
Light years away,
To unlock every secret,
To bring everything to light.
We are at the crossroads,
Of changing Mankind's future,
On building on our predessors,
Of systematically gaining knowledge,
A new economy, A new generation,
For the future of mankind.
But the world is not ready,
Neither are the people willing to accept,
Changes so dramatic,
Reforms that are so true,
Markets will be recapitalised,
The changes on the very heart,
Of civilisations and lifestyle,
Education and teachings,
There will be no celebration,
When Mankind rejects,
The truths of The Knowledge.

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