Open vs Proprietory 

Open vs Proprietory

Each with its objective,
Each with its advantages,
Open vs Proprietory,
Which model to chose?
When you are big as Microsoft,
And has chosen the Proprietory path,
You will be like a dinasaur,
Unable to maneouver,
Unable to outrun,
Against the rest of the world,
All the money will not help compete,
Against the Open model,
Unless you seek an alliance with,
The Open model,
An example is Apple,
They are nibble with technologies,
That will help them move ahead,
At lighting speed when they,
Licensing most of it and keep,
The basic core technologies.
Proprietory is embraced,
By institutionals that have a secret to keep,
Like banks and government bodies,
Where development and money, as opposed to speed,
Is not a primary concern,
Therefore decide carefully which path to take,
Cause that decision will decide,
Whether you will survive tommorrow.

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