Partners required 

Partners required

G & B Investment Pte Ltd

Partners required who can fulfill the vision the company is undertaking.

Either thru ;

1) Issuance of preference shares with fixed rate of returns with a minimum peg of 8% p.a with no voting rights. Lenders will be given first charge as creditors.

2) Ordinary Shares. With voting rights and participation in running of the business. Preference will be given to those who can contribute to company.

Sponsors, Funding Or Sharing of R & D Welcomed.

Projects Involved.

1) Ecommerce project. 90% completed.
2) Datacentre project.
3) 3D Search Engine.
4) Datamining project. The use of the Grid.
5) Beyond the Deep Blue. The use of AI in supercomputers.
6) Recreating Einstein. The basis of Knowledge. Developing the Human Hardware - The Brain
7) Innovations of Household consumer electronics, the use of technology in homes.
8) The Travel portal. The use of GPRS and Mapping.
9) Exploiting the 4 Senses and get the development of Sixth Sense.
10) How to tell the Future - My Assumptions.
11) The Human Lie Detector Test - How to tell the truth.
12) Cracking the Best Kept Secrets - My Theories on developing software without codes.
13) Recognising 3D and objects - AI in piloting a car, plane
14) Predicting the Stockmarket - Original Project (1997)
15) Principles of the "New Economy".
a) The use of data to learn to be streetsmart.
b) The use of data for Real Estate project planning.
16) The Bread of Life Foundation.

For a confidential discussion. Call/SMS 67833345/94207473.
Or email :

Closing date : 31st July 2005

Do not contact me in Singapore after the above mentioned date. If unsuccessful, I would have already brought all my projects overseas.

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