Finding Gold at the end of the Rainbow 

Finding Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Nobody has mastered,
The Art of finding Gold,
At the end of the Rainbow,
The fact lies in,
Location, location and location.
In every location,
Are you able to,
Maximise its potential,
The right mix and vibrancy,
Creating goodwill and Intellectual property,
Far beyond its land value.
The answer lies in,
Asking the right questions,
Knowing everything about your property,
In its present location.
I am able to create and generate,
Views of any kind of scenerios,
The influence of any factors,
The corresponding results to be obtained.
Therefore there is an art,
A gap to be filled by developers,
To know everything about collecting data,
And using data to drive home your profits.
Let me give you an example,
If your property is Tampines Mall,
You will need to find out,
The catchment of potential HDB patrons,
Their lifestyle and ethic mix,
Their spending patterns and distribution.
Next compare the results,
Of the data with national results,
And see the areas,
Where different lifestyle or spending power,
Or distribution in good and services,
Can be exploited,
Creating goodwill and IP,
Where business intelligence will drive,
Profits beyond your land costs.
I can create returns,
Beyond your widest dreams,
By knowing all the secrets,
The access to all data,
And finally planning to create the final product,
The vehicle of your dreams.
My family doesn't know of my secrets,
Which I have taken a lifetime to built,
You can approach my uncle, Mr Tay,
Of Architect 61 Pte Ltd,
And I will help him built,
The solution of your dreams.

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