The wisdom of God 

The wisdom of God

It was never decreed,
To take anything for free,
Even the ministry of Jesus,
He has to heal the sick,
And feed the hungry,
And God has made me see,
You have to first give,
Before you will get your returns,
God has given me wonderful gifts,
Without a purpose,
To be a master you must first be,
A servant to all,
Nobody will listen to you,
Unless you lead by example,
I am neither a sheperd,
But HE wants to elevate me to a saint,
I am but a normal human being,
I can only tell the Truth,
And I don't know how to heal the sick,
But I have even solved my challenge,
Giving the world a new hope,
If money is my objective,
I can be the richest man in the world,
There is enough religion in this world,
I don't intent to start another,
Those who has the calling,
Will have to be accountable for their sheep,
I have unleashed the powers,
The quickening of the spirit,
To help the candlestick be,
The Light of the world.

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