I will be on Vacation 

I will be on Vacation

Every single thing I do,
Is seen by everybody in the world,
The greatest publicity machine,
What I eat and use,
The places I go,
Until it is impossible,
For me to do my own work in peace.
Everyone wants to influence,
But yet they fail to realise,
The day I stop my work,
Will be the day everyone is going to cry,
By trying to bankrupt me,
But I know it is not true,
Cause I have created,
Tremendous wealth by the things I do,
Everyone wants to see,
How I get out of debt,
But I have already proven them wrong,
Nobody can achieve,
The things I do,
But finding peace and solutions,
Which to me is more important than money,
To artificially hold me back,
Is to kill your own chance of making money,
The day I decide,
Not to touch the computer and TV,
To be a hermit and leave the world,
Nobody the wiser,
Everybody's the fool.
Carry on playing this game,
Till I am fedup and fustrated,
Then you will see the colors I exhibit.
I will do the most unimaginable,
By dumping everyone and everything.
The silence of the Lamb.

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