I Believe 

I Believe

The Coming of Age

God is the creator of this universe,
And Jesus Christ was sent to save the world,
And all things that was written in the Bible,
In Alpha and Omega, the start and the end of everything,
All space and time is predestined,
Unless it has been interfered by God,
That Adam and Eve is our ancestors,
And there was only one race, one religion, one language,
From the very beginning.
All powers and principalities,
Are placed by God,
Even unto persecution or death,
We will have to carry out our cross,
Salvation will only come,
When we run a good race,
And we should not seek violence,
To solve a problem,
The Holy Spirit, our guide to the Truth,
And Man is the head of the family,
The Pastor/priest is head of the Church,
And Jesus Christ is the Messiah of the Church.
In the new age,
There will be a new heaven and earth,
Derived from the old,
That Death will be over,
There will not be any sorrow,
Darkness will be over,
There will be no nightfall,
There will be Light always,
Mankind will reap what they sow,
There will be abundant food and drinks,
More than your heart desires,
The Transformation will bring,
And Mankind will be lord over,
Time and Space,
And Travel will be but in a twinkling of an eye.
And Man will live forever,
In the presence of God.

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