A Prisoner in my own Home 

A Prisoner in my own Home

I am the creator of the "New Economy",
The inventor of "Knowledge",
Giving you Tools like the "3D Search Engine",
And yet everything I do is interfered,
I have no work no money and near penniless,
I may lose $100K and be made a bankrupt,
But you will lose $100K Billions more,
Sorry, nothing I do will be for you,
I know whatever I see and feel,
Is also seen by a special group of people,
Everyone, including my family,
Take me as a Fool,
Everyone has their own agenda,
To interfere with my life,
To stop me from getting where I want to go,
Now I am warning everyone,
Better lay off and take cover,
The whole world will know you are just trying to,
Keep me in Singapore against my wishes,
Fuck democracy, Fuck Freedom,
Even the entire Police Force and Army,
Will not stop what I am trying to do,
Better Fuck off and retire,
Or I will create,
Entire problems that you cannot solve,
I have ways to counter every moves you make,
The world is my oyster,
I can go anywhere I chose to go,
Get lost and Fuck off,
I don't give a damn about you anymore.
I will bring my entire projects overseas.
Anyone who tries otherwise,
I will show the world what I am capable of.
Mind Control techniques,
It all doesn't work on me anymore.
I have developed measures,
To counter every technique,
With knowledge of every technology u use,
Fuck with me and I will use it on u.
The human being under duress is very adaptable,
And will develop countermeasures against it,
I have developed a whole series of technologies,
To use it against you,
Nobody can touch me,
I will be even higher than your greatest spy,
More deadly than your entire killing machine.
Fuck with me and I will show u what I am capable of.
It is no use to approach my family or friends,
I will never be influenced,
Never be lead by the nose,
You will never get what you want,
Better sit and analyse,
There is no one else to talk to,
Except me.

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