Aryan & Untermenschen 

Aryan & Untermenschen

In his book, Hitler divides humans into categories based on physical appearance, establishing higher and lower orders, or types of humans. At the top, according to Hitler, is the Germanic man with his fair skin, blond hair and blue eyes.
Hitler refers to this type of person as an Aryan. He asserts that the Aryan is the supreme form of human, or master race. And so it follows in Hitler's thinking, if there is a supreme form of human, then there must be others less than supreme, the Untermenschen, or racially inferior. - Adolf Hitler in "Mein Kampf".

We are coming very close to,
Where the powers of creation will be opened wide,
Mankind will have the power to decide,
Their own destruction or destiny,
The selection of the super race,
All the best will be selected,
To produce the next generation,
Never will they anticipate,
Upon reaching "Factor X",
Defects will surface and becos the generations has passed,
It will be the end of the human race.
There is a reason,
For the natural selection,
Where mankind's DNA will evolve,
Ensuring the widest permutaton,
Where the strong will be above the weak,
To ensure the survival of the fittest,
To take away this selection,
Is to play GOD but do they have the Knowledge?

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