Beating the Deep Blue 

Beating the Deep Blue

My greatest challenge,
Was to beat the Deep Blue,
Creating a process or a method,
To find out all the possible combinations,
Even faster than the Deep Blue,
So I used computer modelling,
And optimised the search engine,
Creating a process so fast on the fly,
That I could calculate all the moves,
And my opponent's moves in real time.
I have only tested out in theory,
But have trained my mind to think,
At a click of an icon,
I could generate all the views,
Like a holographic 3D image,
Like using the Desktop Search,
Of a Google search engine,
Everything has been indexed,
Next was to expand its horizon.
Using Links and connectors,
I can search for different key words,
Creating a story or an answer,
And finally Link everything together,
When I need to probe deeper,
I will run it in loops,
Asking a new variety of questions,
And finding the answers.
Comparing the answers,
Discarding what is not required,
Creating Artificial Intelligence,
Creating knowledge without knowledge.
Into something I have never even learn about.
Next I asked the question,
Is it then possible,
To create another Einstein,
By recreating all his experience,
Maximising the characteristics of his DNA,
Without recreating his DNA.
If Mankind can be a higher self,
In peace and harmony.
I will leave you with these questions,
Which I have answered,
And found the Truth.

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