Forcing your competition to collaborate 

Forcing your competition to collaborate

I have designed,
A process where you can find,
All the answers of a black box,
The applications of software,
The design of an unknown IC chip,
Any unknown secrets,
All I need to do,
Is hit it with inputs,
And study all the outputs,
Comparing with all known processes,
And finally assembling all the answers,
It is not 100% foolproof,
Although almost 75% can be obtained,
And it will help you know,
Intimate details of your competition,
Allowing you to re-engineer,
Without hacking into sourcecodes,
Without knowing the circuits of a wafer,
Without stealing other's IP,
Allowing you to create your own,
Forcing them back at the negiotiation table,
To help mankind advance,
Than to be held back by monopolistic cartel,
It is better than any antitrust lawsuit,
A solution where,
Win - win for all parties.

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