Solving the problem of poverty in China 

Solving the problem of poverty in China

In order to resolve poverty in China,
Government must encourage parents,
To provide a decent education,
To develop their fullest potential,
By providing a subsidy,
All children in China,
Must attend school,
The Government can raise the massive cost thru,
A similar COE system for cars like Singapore,
By having designated zones and tariffs,
Taxes can be collected and help maintain,
The vast infrastructure of roads,
This plan can be implemented,
Upon the completion of privatisation of your financial markets,
The reforms of your banking sector,
The recapitalisation of your local banks,
When they go global.
Providing jobs for such a vast population,
Is a big headache,
The government must take the lead and identify,
The sectors of growth and the creation of wealth,
A elaborate savings plan and insurance,
By opening up your infrastructure to foreign investment,
Not to hold back and restrict,
Money will flow to the most open economy,
And by that time you are ready,
To float your RMB,
A basket of instruments to hold,
Liquid cash like gold, oil and comodities,
With your top 5 trading partners.

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