My Vision for Singapore 

My Vision for Singapore

The coming of age,
Is when Singapore achieves,
A developed country status,
Moving away from traditional industries,
Into high growth industries,
A whole new arena,
Where Lifestyle and branding will create,
Playgrounds for the rich and famous,
Creating jobs for everyone,
A world class cruise centre,
Marinas and developments,
Concept homes that will rival,
The best cities in the world,
Integrated resorts and caravan tours,
Into Malaysia, Thailand and beyond,
There hasn't been a more exciting time,
To boost our Tourism industries,
The change in our infrastructure projects,
Seeking partners from the world,
Singaporeans will participate and collaborate,
A whole new entertainment concepts,
Where not only Singaporeans will play and learn,
But foreigners too,
Too many things have been left,
To the forces of nature,
The chase of copying others,
And others copying us.
It's time to take control,
The creation of an entire concept,
To get the tourist to stay and spent,
And later to do business too,
Singapore will be a stepping stone to the region,
Where the duplication of goods and services will be avoided,
No need to worry about competition,
Because there will be none.
The trick is planning and staging,
For sustainable growth in every industry.
The lines are already blurring,
A merger of all entertainment concepts,
I can combine with different rooms or zoning,
The common Plasma/LCD screen,
A Karaoke pub, A Football pub,
A Movie theatre, A Gaming/Internet centre,
A Disco or a threatre niteclub,
A new SPA and health centre,
It is possible to facilitate a faithful group of customers,
A total entertainment and wellness industry,
Mr Han, you got to thank me,
I have already provided,
The concepts of your new entertainment centre.
Good luck and best wishes.

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