The Forgotten 

The Lucom Plan

Crazy ideas,
To save the world they are going to destroy it,
"Resistence is Frutile",
But that is exactly what it will achieve,
I would rather,
Promote the ideals of "Free Trade",
And use a whipping cane of poverty,
The real threat of a nuclear fallout,
Than to make everyone your enemy.
The fact is your real intentions,
Is to ensure your lead in the world,
Even though you already have been,
Renegaded to second position,
Wake up and see all your plans fail,
Only the promotion of "Free Trade",
Will you see,
The return to the number one economy,
The most prosperous in the world.

Forcing your competition to collaborate

I have designed,
A process where you can find,
All the answers of a black box,
The applications of software,
The design of an unknown IC chip,
Any unknown secrets,
All I need to do,
Is hit it with inputs,
And study all the outputs,
Comparing with all known processes,
And finally assembling all the answers,
It is not 100% foolproof,
Although almost 75% can be obtained,
And it will help you know,
Intimate details of your competition,
Allowing you to re-engineer,
Without hacking into sourcecodes,
Without knowing the circuits of a wafer,
Without stealing other's IP,
Allowing you to create your own,
Forcing them back at the negiotiation table,
To help mankind advance,
Than to be held back by monopolistic cartel,
It is better than any antitrust lawsuit,
A solution where,
Win - win for all parties.

I am the Eye in the Sky

With today's satellite imagery,
I can have a bird's eye view,
Of every city,
Every movement of every traffic,
And I know the intimate details,
Every rail, bus or car can hold,
I do not need,
Very exact details,
Just an estimate,
To get my job done.
Now imagine,
If I merge this information,
With every business estate,
And I combine this,
With every residential estate,
I will know the heartbeat,
Of any city I want to study.
If I have furthur info,
Of every sector of business,
The volume of business generated,
The income of every residential household,
And their pattern of expenditure,
I would have enough info,
To built a view of a model,
Where I can change any factors,
To create my ideal model,
To maximise the potential of income.
And if I get the info,
Of any sector of a business process,
I will know how to tabulate,
And fill in to the greater picture,
And thru a series of fact finding,
I will generate an insight no one has ever seen,
Creating my business intelligence,
Into any sector I chose.

Increasing security in HDB Estates

Most of us live,
In HDB Estates,
And the most important security,
Lies in securing our homes.
The vital points are the ground floor access,
Of staircases and lifts,
It is therefore possible,
To secure these vital points,
By using metal grill gates to secure staircases,
And credit cards access,
To solve the lift problem,
Install a phone and card access,
Where a visitor can call the home,
To request for access,
And the occupier can key codes,
Via the phone of the keypad,
To activate the lift.
Modifications and trial tests,
Will be short with low costs,
A block only consist,
Of about 3 lifts and 3 staircases,
It will be cheaper than,
A burgler alarm system or monitoring cameras,
Or security guards.
Far more effective,
In combating crime.
Bringing peace of mind,
To all residents.

Finding Gold at the end of the Rainbow

Nobody has mastered,
The Art of finding Gold,
At the end of the Rainbow,
The fact lies in,
Location, location and location.
In every location,
Are you able to,
Maximise its potential,
The right mix and vibrancy,
Creating goodwill and Intellectual property,
Far beyond its land value.
The answer lies in,
Asking the right questions,
Knowing everything about your property,
In its present location.
I am able to create and generate,
Views of any kind of scenerios,
The influence of any factors,
The corresponding results to be obtained.
Therefore there is an art,
A gap to be filled by developers,
To know everything about collecting data,
And using data to drive home your profits.
Let me give you an example,
If your property is Tampines Mall,
You will need to find out,
The catchment of potential HDB patrons,
Their lifestyle and ethic mix,
Their spending patterns and distribution.
Next compare the results,
Of the data with national results,
And see the areas,
Where different lifestyle or spending power,
Or distribution in good and services,
Can be exploited,
Creating goodwill and IP,
Where business intelligence will drive,
Profits beyond your land costs.
I can create returns,
Beyond your widest dreams,
By knowing all the secrets,
The access to all data,
And finally planning to create the final product,
The vehicle of your dreams.
My family doesn't know of my secrets,
Which I have taken a lifetime to built,
You can approach my uncle, Mr Tay,
Of Architect 61 Pte Ltd,
And I will help him built,
The solution of your dreams.

Flooding in China

Study the flow of water,
Via satellite photos,
Thruout the different seasons,
Spring, summer, autumn, winter,
And you will soon discover,
Your problem is seasonal,
The intersection of rivers,
Cause by the backflow of rivers,
The moon's gravitational pull,
Therefore it is possible,
To resolve this problem,
The construction of dams,
Regulate and control,
More data to be collected,
The study of geography,
To solve the problem once and for all.

Beating the Deep Blue

My greatest challenge,
Was to beat the Deep Blue,
Creating a process or a method,
To find out all the possible combinations,
Even faster than the Deep Blue,
So I used computer modelling,
And optimised the search engine,
Creating a process so fast on the fly,
That I could calculate all the moves,
And my opponent's moves in real time.
I have only tested out in theory,
But have trained my mind to think,
At a click of an icon,
I could generate all the views,
Like a holographic 3D image,
Like using the Desktop Search,
Of a Google search engine,
Everything has been indexed,
Next was to expand its horizon.
Using Links and connectors,
I can search for different key words,
Creating a story or an answer,
And finally Link everything together,
When I need to probe deeper,
I will run it in loops,
Asking a new variety of questions,
And finding the answers.
Comparing the answers,
Discarding what is not required,
Creating Artificial Intelligence,
Creating knowledge without knowledge.
Into something I have never even learn about.
Next I asked the question,
Is it then possible,
To create another Einstein,
By recreating all his experience,
Maximising the characteristics of his DNA,
Without recreating his DNA.
If Mankind can be a higher self,
In peace and harmony.
I will leave you with these questions,
Which I have answered,
And found the Truth.

The wisdom of God

It was never decreed,
To take anything for free,
Even the ministry of Jesus,
He has to heal the sick,
And feed the hungry,
And God has made me see,
You have to first give,
Before you will get your returns,
God has given me wonderful gifts,
Without a purpose,
To be a master you must first be,
A servant to all,
Nobody will listen to you,
Unless you lead by example,
I am neither a sheperd,
But HE wants to elevate me to a saint,
I am but a normal human being,
I can only tell the Truth,
And I don't know how to heal the sick,
But I have even solved my challenge,
Giving the world a new hope,
If money is my objective,
I can be the richest man in the world,
There is enough religion in this world,
I don't intent to start another,
Those who has the calling,
Will have to be accountable for their sheep,
I have unleashed the powers,
The quickening of the spirit,
To help the candlestick be,
The Light of the world.

Claiming Victory

Nobody can imagine,
One of the Biggest battles,
Since the birth of my daughter,
Everyone in my family is attacked,
Everyone around me is also attacked,
Deceived, and devasted,
Even I was subjected,
To all powers and principalities,
The attack on my mind.
Every single moment,
More than four years have passed,
After every battle I am even more determined,
To sent him reeling,
To back to where HE has come from,
HE is even as determined,
Sending an entire army after me,
Never can HE imagine,
I have developed tools to counter,
Every single assault,
Even solving the secrets,
Of the universe,
Planning every single move,
With military precision.
I am now claiming victory,
Even time and tide I will change,
The secrets of the Bible,
Over Hep B and diabetes,
God has chosen the weakest,
To overcome the strong,
And by losing he is effectively,
Winning a victory so decisive,
Faith as great as a Mustard Tree,
HE can no longer deceive or hide,
I will reveal his intentions.
I will expose HIM to the world.
HE is now of the Flesh,
But when HE is of the spirit,
All powers heaven and earth,
Will be given to HIM,
Destroy nuclear weapons,
Before HE uses it to destroy the world.
The christain religion is one not of comfort,
It's the savings of souls,
The carrying of your cross of salvation,
The submission of every corner of your soul,
Faith as great as a Mustard Tree,
The harvesting of your Faith,
For without works, your Faith is as good as,
The seeds on a barren ground,
It's about running a good race,
And finally sweet victory,
Upon the arrival of the bride.

My Fifth Vision


And God showed me a 3D Matrix,
In it contained,
All the information in the world,
You can specify in the Matrix,
Many ways to display the info,
But it will always be in a cube.
It supports multitasking,
Many screens can be opened,
The greatest data mining tool,
A search engine so advanced,
Data can be displayed,
Even links and associations,
In hundred of layers deep,
What is needed can be put aside,
The useless will be discarded,
To find every solution and answers,
Closest to the Truth.

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